Identity as a conceptual framework

For this art project on Identity, I involved one physical stereotype, and i involved two visual stereotypes  I used Cindy Shermans’s self portrait idea with two of the pictures to show stereotypes by the way i dress. While in my final image, I show stereotype in my actions in the pictures with how we are dressed as well. In these pictures, i wanted to show what all the artists like Cindy Sherman and Nikki S. Lee, point was with expressing stereotypes through a way of physical and visual imagery. 

In my first image, i used the idea of Anthony Goicolea in the regards to the schoolboy idea. That the schoolboy image is the sort of bad boy once school gets out. So for my image i dressed up in a pink polo, untucked, and khaki pants with a backpack and a cigarette in my mouth. I used this image as a stereotype that the typical catholic schoolboy has that image to smoking a cigarette right after they get out of school. They see the image of a schoolboy and put it to the action of smoking a cigarette. 

For my second image, it is a image of me dressed up in what everyone would stereotype as a bookworm. I dressed in a polo all the way buttoned up and tucked in all the way, khaki’s pulled high up my waist, and a book in my hand. Everyone when they saw me in this outfit would think that i try very hard and school and get good grades. They would think this just by my visual appearance and not by anything besides the fact of what im wearing and how im wearing it. Just because i have a book in my hand and look smart doesn’t mean I am. People see this and think that exact thing. Especially in the youth population is where the people stereotype what i am trying to getting across, which is a image of a book worm. We a people look at the way people dress and judge them by pure visual appearance.

So for my last image, it is a picture of me and my African American dressed up in street clothes rolling dice for money. This is an example of a identity in the way that, in today television shows many shows have the stereotypes that in poor areas, people tend to play crabs for money on the side of the street. Now in the television shows, like Dave Chappelle Show, they have african american males as the people playing the crabs on the side of the street for money.  So for this image i wanted to show that in the irony that is both of us, one being a african american and one being a caucasian american both playing crabs for money in a buildings hallway and not the side of the street. Just because we are not from poor areas doesn’t mean that kids still illegally gamble and do things that people do in poor areas. I wanted to show that by the image in regard to us living in a nice area, which is holy cross, still could/do gamble and play crabs like the stereotype of African americans do in the ghetto. 

Religon as a conceptual Framework

The First image i choose was affirmative of religion. It was easy to find a picture for this one. I used a image of a everyday guy praying at the church. I saw this as affirmative because it represents prayer and religion and how important it is in people’s lives. The image alone shows the importance and complete seriousness of religion in people’s lives.




The second image was to find a neutral image on religion. I had some trouble finding one for this and didn’t really know where to start looking. Yet, the image i choose was of a  wooden cross on a necklace someone made me. I feel that image is neutral because a cross is just an image of catholic faith. In todays society people see this image, without the crucifix, as everyday item like a necklace. People with a necklace don’t see the religious value of the item, they just see them as a item in fashion which makes it neutral.



The last image was to critique religion on someway. I couldn’t think of one at first for this because i couldn’t find a way that critiques religion in my everyday life. Then I was watching football this past Sunday and it came to me. My image is of a hand grabbing a remote instead of a Bible. I thought that this image represented a critique by that in todays society people are leading more to televisions and technology that it is leading people away from there religion. Religion is everywhere now and always has been. With recent technology we can know anything we want from any religion while in our houses. One could even watch mass in there living room. It takes the fact that people are more prone to stay home Most families see Sunday as a rest day and technology is helping them fade away from there priorities, which is going to church.



Walker and Wiley

Walker and Wiley are both similar artists. They share some traits in there art works. You can tell they both try to get a distinct message across, which is racism. They illustrate a shifting notion of “power” in their works. Kara Walker has a very different approach at doing this. She uses stereotypes and physical traits, with black images to make it more powerful and meaning. It makes it so you can’t see the race of the person, but by today’s society and stereotypes, she uses this to show the power of racism and how people can tell what race they are by the outline of their body frame. In the picture #1, you can’t tell the race of any person by their skin color. Yet, you know that, from past experience, that the pictures message is that it is a white couple, with a leash on a young African baby. You can’t tell that the baby is African, but Walker gives the baby traits of a young African baby so that you know by these traits that it is one. She shows the change in power and how racism is set in stone, and we already have these stereotypes burned into our heads.

Now Wiley showed this shift in the notion of power in a different way. He copies the ideas of old European church paintings, and instead of putting a holy icon in the picture, he uses an everyday average African American person. Wiley takes these images from a normal church icon to an everyday person. He puts the person in street clothes and gives the picture and elegant background to give it that early 1600’s theme. In pictures 2 and 3, you see Wiley puts and everyday African American person and give them sort of a noble piece to them, while still dressing in everyday street clothes.  He uses this style to show that even in this “post racial” society there are still stereotypes and common characteristics that are burned into peoples head about race.

Image #1

Image #2

Image #3

Blog Post 2:Celebration

Marcel Duchamp’s idea of the readymades is a new kid of art. It separates art from the basis that people look at it. When people look at art this expect some kind of talent; such as painting, sculpting, etc. Yet, Duchamp shows that the basis of art is changing with these readymades. In these pieces of work, he uses the term “art coefficient” to describe the idea behind the art. “Art coefficient” is a relation between the unexpressed but intended and the unintentionally expressed. What Duchamp is trying to show in this style of art is that the art is not only created by the artist, but needs the common viewer to expand and understand the meanings of the works. Readymades are raw art works with many interpretations behind them. By the viewer doing this, they are enhancing the art works and bringing about their personal opinions and views. For Duchamp’s readymades, he would just alter things in the slightest way and make them pieces of art. Now by doing that it would confuse the reader a lot. Yet, he adds a word or sentence that helps describe the painting. It sort of gives it a story so that the reader can try to understand what Duchamp is meaning in the readymade. Now my readymade is created with a lighter on top of a plastic bowl. This readymade I thought would be a good one because at first glance just like all of Duchamp’s works you can’t really tell the basis behind it. It just looks like everyday objects that are combined, but in close examination I wrote the word celebration on the plastic bowl. With the given word, it would help the viewer’s look at the objects like I did. As I looked at the objects I think a birthday cake with a sole candle to celebrate something. The bowl represents food to me and it is in the shape of a cake and then the lighter represents to me a candle being lite for a celebration of some sort.


Hello, my name is Jared Jayne and I am a freshman at Holy Cross College. I am planning on majoring in business and minoring in sports management. I have been playing sports since I was 4 years old. My favorite sport is baseball and that is what I will be playing at Holy Cross for the next 4 years. I am really into movies and the art that has to deal with them.


When I was signing up for classes, I had no idea which ones would be a good idea for me to take. I picked all my classes and had one left and that’s how I ended up in visual literacy. I wanted to take it mostly because I thought it would be an easy class. I was kind of nervous on the first day though because I am not the best artist in the world and I thought we would have to do a lot of hands on art, but I think it will be a great class for me to take. That is because I do really enjoy art. Visual Literacy is the ability to understand and interpret the deeper meanings of art, to look in and see more than one meaning in art. This class has and will defiantly give me a different look at art. Already I am looking at art in different ways and understanding more and more of what the artists are trying to get across.


I am a little nervous about this course because this is the first art class I have taken in three years. Also, I have never blogged before in my life so this is my first attempt and I am new to this. I like the idea of a mostly online based class. I don’t really have a lot of past experience in art and I am open and ready to learn. I am planning to work hard and get a good grade in this class.